It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. And, when it comes to the exterior of a home or business, you’ll be raising your property value as well as protecting your building from pests and the elements. When you work with professional painting contractors like Primary Colors Painting Inc, you’ll be completely satisfied with the transformation your home or business will go through!

Starting with the basics, we’ll ensure first that any structure we work on is ready for paint. Cracks and damages? While some painting contractors may just cover those up with color, we understand that it’s more important to start with a strong base if we want to achieve lasting results.

So, when you’re looking to update the look of your home or business, look to Primary Colors Painting Inc—a company that has been operating in the local industry for more than 23 years!

Commercial Painting

What’s the first thing that your employees and clients see when they come to work? Not the inside of an office, but the outside of the building they are entering. A run-down out-of-date building is not going to impress many people. However, a structure that’s been freshly painted will show that you really care about your company’s appearance—and that applies to more than just your building’s walls.

If the outdoor paint on your business is cracking or blistering, or especially if it is growing mildew and algae, it’s time for an update. And once you make the decision to invest in professional commercial painting, you’ll benefit from long-term protection from pests and harsh weather on top of that great new look.

Residential Painting

Looking to have the most enviable house on the block? At Primary Colors Painting Inc we can help with that. House painting is one of the most affordable investments you can make when it comes to renovating. For a lower price than most remodeling projects, you’ll get large-scale results that guarantee a return on investment should you decide to sell in the future.

So, why even spend the money when you can do it yourself? If you or a family member are an avid DIY-er, we encourage you to skip this one. House painting can be extremely dangerous for those who are new to it. Exterior painting, even on a one-storey home, involves ladders. Height, combined with the need for focus and technique can end in disaster for many who have goals of painting their own home.

So, when you require residential painting, invest in contractors. We can save you time as well as stress, and provide you with high-quality work that will last for years.

We’ve Got the Professional Advantage

At Primary Colors Painting Inc, outdoor painting is what we’re best at. With years of experience and knowledge, we’ve perfected our techniques and built lasting relationships with many local suppliers.

This means that when you work with us, you’ll receive the best materials at the best prices on top of our professional guarantee. Give us a call today. We’d love to start talking about your residential or commercial painting project!